Stylish Image Zoom Lens user manual.


Stylish Image Zoom Lens Creates a real life lens for your product images which you can customize using different options.
Your customers can see the fine details of your product, like in real life.
Move your cursor or finger on the image and the lens will show up.
It's as simple and easy as it can get.
No complicated install, no theme breaking changes.

If you want to skip the manual, there's also a video walkthrough available on Youtube


After triggering the installation from the Shopify App Store, you will need to approve the app permissions by clicking "Install app":


Click the recycle bin icon in the Apps page of your Shopify Admin interface

Manual install / uninstall instructions

The app automatically adds a Shopify script tag for each of your product pages when you install it, on page load.
When you uninstall the app, it automatically removes the Shopify script tag.
If for any reason the app fails to add the script tag, then you can install the script tag manually or let your developer know :

  • Assuming your store is called mystore,
  • Issue a POST request to using the following payload:
  • {"script_tag": {"event": "onload","src":""}}
  • In case of success, you should get a script tag id and an http status code of 200

For uninstall , make note of the script tag id returned from the install step, we shall call it $script_id
  • Issue an https DELETE request to$script_id.json
  • In case of success, you should get an http status code of 200
For more info: visit the link

Integrated Chat

If you have any questions, you can access the integrated chat from the app by clicking on the Chat On/Off button.
A window similar to the one below should appear:

Settings - the basics

For starters, you can configure the size and the roundness of the lens. You can also select a contour, a first shadow and a second shadow.
For each of these options, if you click on the associated color box on the right, a popup color screen would appear like in the image below You can also configure the transparency by dragging the slider to the left. Left-most tends to 100% transparency. Right-most tends to 0% transparency.

Settings - special effects

There are 2 special effects you can configure - blur and image gray-out. To use special effects on your pictures, you need to first enable them. Dragging the image gray-out slider to the left would gradually gray out the image. The effects will not show up on iOS for the time beign.

Settings - Advanced

If you need more zoom to your images, you can configure it here.
If you have higher quality images of the same product, the app will use those, otherwise the app will try to do a "digital" zoom on the image and the image under the lens would be pixelated depending on the configured zoom.

Don't forget to click Save button

Once you are done with all the settings, you need to click the Save button in order for the changes to take effect
You can also click on Reset to defaults to reset to defaults

How it works on your Shopify website

Once you click Save from the app settings screen above, you can go to your Shopify website, on a product page.
If you hover on an image, the lens should appear in a few seconds, like in the image below.
On most regular themes, this process is automatic, you don't have to do anything manual.
If the lens does not show up even after a few seconds, it means you're using a custom theme.
Send us an email or chat with us and we can help you.

Stylish Image Zoom Lens Video

There's also a video walkthrough available on Youtube