AWB Integrator user manual.


After triggering the installation from the Shopify App Store, you will need to approve the app permissions by clicking "Install app":

Important: After installation, please configure the app by clicking on the Settings button. You need to fill in your AWB provided API credentials and other contact information. The app will not work without them. For more info, check the Settings Screen


Click the recycle bin icon in the Apps page of your Shopify Admin interface

Important: Please make sure you save all your generated AWB's before uninstalling the application.

Integrated Chat

If you have any questions, you can access the integrated chat from the app by clicking on the Chat On/Off button.
A window similar to the one below should appear:

Settings screen

The Settings screen contains important info about your Shopify & AWB integration

Make sure to associate the AWB code to the Shopify order (first checkbox) . This settings is on by default.
Otherwise Shopify won't know about your AWB's.

You can also change the application language in the Language field.
You also need to select the correct Country field for the app to know which country it's operating in

The Sender ID , Username and Password fields are used to communicate with the AWB company. Make sure you have these.

If you don't have these, you can click on the links from the Settings screen which redirect you to the GLS website : The other fields are contact details and are required for AWB generation to properly work

The GLS settings fields are delivery options which you can supply to the GLS AWB provider.
By clicking the question mark button on the right side, you can get a more detailed description

Demo Mode

You can enable the Demo mode option in the Settings Screen to see how the application would work without having any vendor AWB account.

Filtering your orders

You can conveniently filter your orders by payment, fulfillment or status type and also specify a start and end date.
You can also filter by a certain order number or a customer name.
If you click on 'Show only orders with AWB', only orders with associated AWBs are displayed.

Create your first AWB

In the Action column:

  • To generate an AWB without Cash on Delivery, click the yellow button
  • To generate an AWB with Cash on Delivery (the amount is printed on the label), click the green button

You can click on other orders without waiting and create multiple AWB's in parallel. A yellow Loading indicator will appear.

After the AWB is created you will see the buttons to delete it (trashcan on red background) and to download it (blue button) and the order status will be set to fulfilled

Delete the AWB

The AWB is deleted by clicking on the red background (trash) button from the Action column as seen above
The corresponding order will no longer have an AWB and the status will be set to unfulfilled.

Download the AWB

The AWB is downloaded by clicking on the blue background (download) button from the Action column as seen above